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Looking for Literary Agents?

So, you have written your masterpiece? What's next?

Well, you can always Indie publish, Vanity Publish, or Self Publish, but most writers want to traditionally publish. You can always search the publishers' sites and see if they accept non-represented manuscripts, many do not! Gone are the days of the 1800's where publishers just accepted everyone who was literate.

But if everyone requires an agent, how does one get represented?

Great question!

And here is the answer. Query Letters.

As one who literally went to school for a degree in writing fiction, I can assure you that this is taught in almost every class! Am I represented? Yes, but I can tell you it's an arduous process and not for the faint of heart.

But don't worry I am here to help!

First and foremost, a query letter is unique to you and the agent you want to speak with. A list of education, word count, and awards drives an agent to request your manuscript or published work for representation. I can't express the word "unique" enough! These agents receive literally hundreds of query letters a day, do you think yours is going to stand out if its addressed "to whom it may concern"?

So, what does a query letter look like? Well, I have that for you as well.

Sample Query Letter

Dear Ms. Turner,

I'm writing to you seeking representation for Over the Bridge Less-Traveled, an 70,000-word YA Romance novel that is the first in a series, Teen Angst Chronicles.

The Over the Bridge Less Traveled follows the story of Sarah, a young woman who discovers at a young age that she loves pretty much every male that crosses her path - speeding the pounding of her heart with every glance, something that infuriates her father and reminds her mother of her younger days. That is, until the night Sarah's parents begin the arduous journey through divorce.

Suddenly plunged into a life of sadness and longing, she discovers what true love is. Sarah sets off on a journey to find answers by listening to the stories from her grandparents and falling head over heels for the young heartthrob Thomas, this young womans attempt to find her own place in the world will fill the hole in your heart left when your high school sweetheart broke your heart and sent you spiraling into depression. A journey of self-discovery and rising up to challenges even when we're reluctant, Over the Bridge Less Travelled is a humorous and hopeful addition to the YA Romance genre.

Fans of series such as Every Boy has His Day or The Angsty Teen Chronicles will be interested in Sarah's story, and I have received very positive feedback from renowned Romance author Rene Folsom on an early draft of the first novel. I also have two further books in the series drafted, and those manuscripts would be available upon request.

I'm a great admirer of many of your stable of clients and especially feel that my writing would complement the work you've done alongside Johnny Football on his Wine and Cheese series, which is similar in its combination of romance worldbuilding and humor to my own.

Yours sincerely,

Stacey Bernst


Its unique, personalized. and very descriptive.

I am not saying this is going to get you represented, as authors who have hunted for representation are aware, I am just saying that this is a step in the right direction.

Which brings us to my next point.