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Why Indie Publishing is Fire


Covid really did a number on us. With 621,366,240 confirmed cases globally and 6,557,203 confirmed deaths (+ or - 2,847) ("COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC"). And with all of the fear and confusion in the world, we were confined to our homes for upwards of two years! So what did we do with our time? Well, many of us exhausted Netflix and Hulu (myself included) and others took a more creative approach to entertain ourselves and ultimately others. That's right, they wrote novels!

But when they completed their masterpieces they were distraught to discover that there was a process to seeing their books on bookshelves. In fact, Literary agents were not too keen on receiving so many submissions all at once, and rightly so! Over 4 million new books were published in 2021 (Kolmar), this is astounding considering that in 2017 only 339,000 were published!

So how did we get to such an incredible number in 2019 - 2022? The answer is so simple it will blow your mind. While COVID was ravaging our bodies, it was raising our indelible spirit! We refused to accept defeat in all avenues of our lives, extending even to being rejected by hundreds of Literary Agents and Publishers. All of a sudden Indie Publishing was an avenue that millions of people were traveling.

"Independent, or indie, publishing is the term used to describe the process of bringing a book to publication without going through a traditional publisher. The “indie” reference is also used in other creative fields, such as indie filmmakers and indie musicians. When the indie label is affixed to a literary work, it simply means that the author is going it alone, independently from a traditional publishing house" ("What is Indie Publishing? Comparing Self-Publishing").

This definition is probably the best when it comes to understanding the process, with emphasis on "When the indie label is affixed to a literary work, it simply means that the author is going it alone" ("What is Indie Publishing? Comparing Self-Publishing"). "Going it alone" seriously this is exactly what you are doing. In every facet, you are on your own in this adventure when you Indie Publish. Starting from writing the manuscript, you then do an initial edit, find a beta-reader group, a developmental edit, add the utility pages, copy edit, typesetting, formatting for both digital and print press, find a partnered printer, design a cover (format for all distribution types), register for an ISBN, submit for publication, market your self and your book (two separate things, trust me), travel for reader conventions (check out Orlando Reads Books!), and finally... taxes.

It's a lot! No, seriously it is. And in the end, there's a super good chance your not going to make much money from your sales. So why Indie Publish? The short and simple answer is you own all of the rights to your manuscript. This is so freaking important! Let me give you some numbers so that you understand what I mean.

Self-published authors receive 40% – 60% royalties on the price of a single book while traditionally published authors usually make between 10%-12% royalties. So... for those who don't like doing math, you're welcome, I'll do it for you. If your digital copy goes for $9.99, then you will receive $5.99 if you Indie Publish. This number plummets when you Traditionally Publish to $1.39. Yeah... not great. You also have complete control of pricing, ads, and sales. Also, just for fun, let's consider that your novel might be picked up by television or the movie industry. Through traditional publishing your royalties could be 14% or 0%, seriously, I can't stress enough that you no longer own your novel when you Traditionally Publish (depending on what your Literary Agent manages to work out for you).

But there is a benefit to Traditionally publish, Marketing, and Book Shelves. If you fancy yourself a social media influencer, and you have it all figured out then maybe you don't need any help marketing. But for the rest of the world, yeah... not the easiest thing to accomplish. Daily posts on at least 4 platforms, a blog, press releases, posters, giveaways, website design, you name it, and it's a thing. Traditional Publishers do all of this and more! They even set up interviews and television appearances. Do you want to see your book at Barnes and Noble without all of the hassles? TRADITIONAL PUBLISHING is what you are looking for.

Is it possible to do without them? Sure. Yep, absolutely. River, Sing Out by James Wade, Hepburn’s Necklace by Jan Moran, and The Bequest by B.E. Baker are just a few who have absolutely crushed it on their own. So don't give up hope, and lean into the Indie world, joining the 1.7 million other authors just in 2022, making Indie Publishing the fastest-growing form of publishing in the world!

And if you need help you know where to find it.


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