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Writing Lust — Take the Reader on a Journey

A writer can’t just slap sexy words on a page and expect readers to enjoy the scene. It’s our job as romance authors to take the reader on a journey, even if the path to our final destination is between the sheets.

However, there is an art to writing romance, and there are also many differences between LUST and LOVE. In this blog, we’re going to focus on the LUST part of writing and specifically how to write lust without getting too gritty. Even though I know some of y’all like to hear about the naughty bits, that’s not what this blog will be about. If you want to read on, there’s plenty of that in my books. ;)

One subject I would like to point out is a key component I carry through all of my books.


I believe that all fiction is based on some form of reality—otherwise we would never have the inspiration or knowledge to dream up the realistic situations we portray with our words. Whether I am writing a present day romantic comedy or a dystopian dragon shifter novel, there will always be droplets of truth weaved within my words. I am proud to say my personal experiences have been inspirational, especially when it comes to the sensual adventures my fictional characters play out. Where reality and fantasy diverge, however, remain my little secret.

TRUTH story time! I released a short story back in 2014 called Have My Heart after its inclusion in an anthology. After some reviews stating the elements in the story were stereotypical and unbelievable, I was surprisingly contacted by the man who inspired the character in this story. I dated him back in high school and he was simply reaching out to say hello. After a few pleasantries, he not only confirmed my scenes, but elaborated even more, allowing me to expand on our story. Unfortunately, the scenes we are referring to are not lustful in the slightest, so I will share with you a way to SHOW your reader LUST without being dirty or kinky. Here’s a way to get the heart pumping and your mind wandering…

Dear Diary,
The beady condensation sliding along the side of my glass at lunch today brought back some delicious memories of my obsession. Each watery drip cascading down the dark glass of tea had me salivating at the memory of the last time I saw Blake. My stomach flips and flutters with just the thought of him. I know such reactions from a twenty-two-year-old woman are not commonly spoken about. So, as I sat amongst a group of my friends earlier today, I kept my jittery feelings of young love to myself.
Now that I am alone, I feel more confident in scribbling my memories on your ever-forgiving pages. Just the thought of spilling my heart out onto your cream-colored surface gives me new butterflies of anticipation and desire.
Last Saturday began like any other summertime weekend. I bounded down the stairs, wearing a tank and shorts over my bathing suit, eager to enjoy some sun by the lake after getting a few chores done. Considering I slept until ten, I knew I wanted to hurry so I could enjoy some rays before band practice at three.
As I reached the bottom of the steps, I stopped short with the sight of him in the distance beyond my wall of sliding glass doors. There he stood, wearing nothing but his swim trunks, which hung loosely around his hips. Droplets of water beaded on his chocolate-colored skin, dripping each time he took a step toward his friend, while draping a towel around his neck. I knew even if I licked every drop of water from his delicious body, it still wouldn’t quench my thirst for him. My life hadn’t been the same since he moved in next door a few months back.
I bit my lip and wondered if he knew I was watching his every move. Just as I thought I was getting away with sneaking a peek, he looked directly at me, making my heart momentarily stop with shock. Once our eyes locked, a broad smile crept its way across his face, showing those startling white teeth through his thick, juicy lips.
Like a magnet, I slowly walked to the closed glass door and stared at Blake, watching him converse with his friend as he continued to look in my direction—never removing his eyes from mine. Before I could muster the courage to go see him, my vision refocused on my reflection as the sun shone brightly against the glass surface.
Large, green eyes stared back at me with what looked like fear. I needed to wipe that look of terror from my face before he began to get the wrong idea. My curly, red hair was in complete disarray, and I knew there was nothing I could do about it.
Without warning, a figure approached the other side of the glass and startled me, making me jump like a skittish kitten.
— Gwen, Have My Heart by Rene Folsom

Phew! Gwen and Blake make me fan myself every time! And I don’t even have to read a full blown sex scene because the lust emanating between the two of them is enough to burn up the pages. However, the point of this “story time” was to tell you this book stemmed from truth. Blake is based on a real man and the story is fictionalized from there. He and Gwen’s relationship is fictionalized, but Blake’s past experiences he speaks about in the story are all factual. In addition, I live on a beautiful lake and frequent the water. So many TRUTHS go into my stories.

Another topic I feel is essential when writing lust in a story.


While I love me some instalust, and I sure do write it in my books quite often, you need to have an element of push and pull with your characters. Can you have them shacking up on page two? Sure! But should you have them saying they love each other right awa